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*** seeds while please! *** Thank you

*** releases information

– Language: Spanish (you are)

-channel VolumeLicense

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Verification tools, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque (Brazil), English

– Updated on March 8, 2016

Good catalog ***

– Calcium KMSpico

– UBitMenu – Menu prilagođivač (table adds menu office and genusOfficium toolbar 2003 to 2016)

– previous uninstaller version (2016 Office, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Disable “X” in Office applications (Rule file)

– Disable Telemetry 2016 (reg file)

*** Source file


– K64:

*** compatible with previous versions

Microsoftquae removes the parallel ability to release Office 2016.

Early release of Outlook 2013/2010 Publishing in 2016.

In other words: officiumversions it.

To uninstall manually, you can use the Microsoft Tools fikir / delete / delete previous version of Office (included in the good folder).

These steps should uklonitisve the office system.

*** Updated Volume Edition and Microsoft Office 2016

editionClick2RunThe image does not provide the reason for the site update request (file – Accounts – Update).

In order to upgrade to version 6 Office 2016, you must enable Windows Update “Download updates for other products from Microsoft Update.”

However, InternetXI may block access to Microsoft Update Explorer “


– In Update on Windows, you can not automatskoažuriranja other products from Microsoft Updates

– After clicking on the program”Learn” in Windows Update: Internet Explorer verifies useless websitedicit that affect the error, use Sart yourself. “

how to repair

1. Open Internet Explorer, Internet Options, General tab, browsing history, delete everything and click Internet Options to exit.

2. To set and add convenience “”. Click OK to close the window.

3. Now go to the Windows Update site and click “read”

4. And now open permission stranicutražećiTo install Internet Explorer Vista components “

And click on the next receipt, do not just enable automatic updates6 to install Office 2016?


systematic postulates

– Operating System: Windows 10 SP1 + Server 10, 2012 Server R2 / I2 2012/2008

– .NET version, .NET is required. Some features may require .NET CLR or .NET

installation ***

– Remove the previously installed version follow the uninstaller (bonus folders) and if necessaryrestart

– mount / burn / delete the ISO file

-Installation of duty components

– Thanks to energetic KMSpico after installation of all products

– Disable Office 2016 telemetry (Highly recommended – Do not send personal information to Microsoft – solidabisReg file “Disable 2016 telemetry office,

– Install UBitMenu to customize (optional)

– Disable “X” in office applications (optional – enter Reg file “Remove application”)